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Good Garments is Fashion Tech company to connect factories, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and traders with buyers, retailers, offices, and fashion houses. Also, it’s a digitalized buying house where a buyer can order any kind of apparel online from anywhere in the world. We offer the top 250 garment factories and thousands of regular factories that are ready to take your order as per your demand at the best price for your business.

We started our journey in 2023 with the aim of working in the areas of whole fashion industry which includes garments, textiles, apparel, leather products and handcraft. Within a short period of time, it has built the confidence of buyers and wholesalers worldwide. The company, in association with Bangladesh, has the strength of sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain management, with experienced and expert resources. We have a very strong and dedicated team with a combination of efficient merchandisers, fashion designers, QC/QA, and commercials.

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Connecting Both Ends

On our website/app, buyers can choose products directly from samples placed by manufacturers, or they can place their own designs and have the opportunity to bargain to fix the price and quantity. The buyer can submit a sourcing request for any product, and related manufacturer samples will be suggested. There will be a cloud showroom for each seller to showcase their product samples.

Factory Management

Seller verification and investigation report for the buyer. We offer buyers a conversation log, live chat options, as well as email, WhatsApp, and phone communication tools with 24/7 customer care. Document preparation: RFQ, Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, etc.General inspection and confirmation before shipment. Payment rescue system.

Help You Grow

Learning center: video tutorials, marketing, digital marketing, licensing, rules and regulations, government policies, etc. for newcomers and SME’s. Our team will directly help newcomers to grow. Rating and Review System Support LC/TT/Bank Transfer/Card Payment System Shipping facility with reliable and rapid shipping.

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The Journey of Good Garments

The company Good Garments founded by Mr. Arif, Mr. Sakib, and Ms. Layla in 2023. But the founders are experienced in garments business and they are doing this business since 2011 in traditional way. In this long period of their journey, they found a lot of problems, SME buyers and new entrepreneurs are facing difficulties to find a right factory for their products manufacturing. Also, same problem goes to SME factories and new factories, many small factories are closing everyday just because of they are not finding good small buyers.


To solve all those problems of buyers and factories the founders have initiated to develop an online based buying house where every buyer can find their desired good factory and factories will never be siting idle. Within a short period of time, it has built confidence among buyers and wholesalers worldwide. More than 250 garment factories are now working with our company in a great relationship. Company members have a common purpose and unite in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to support the brothers and partners.

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Why Us

When you seek higher inspirations, you need a partner to elevate you When you need to move forward You need a partner that sets the pace When your resources are limited You need a partner that offers a greater reserve When you require transparency You need partner that explores every angle So if its growth you are seeking All you need is right partner
Good Garments has a team with an extensive understanding of the clothing and fashion industries. You might pick us because of our knowledge of industry trends, fabric varieties, production techniques, and design aesthetics.
Due to our large purchasing power and strong relationships with suppliers, Good Garments is able to negotiate reasonable pricing. Compared to purchasing products from us, buyers can benefit from cost reductions.


The assurance of product quality is one of the main factors in your decision about buying from Good Garments. Good Garments have quality control procedures in place to check products before shipment to make sure they meet the necessary standards and requirements.


There are several processes involved in sourcing clothing, including supplier selection, supplier negotiation, product design innovation, sample development, quality assurance, and logistics. Choosing Urbane Apparel will allow you to save a great deal of time and effort.


Excellence in product quality Diversification of products through continuous product innovation Customer orientation and cost effectiveness Creating competitiveness through 24/7 customer support query center


One Person founded the company but we are not the only one here everybody else founded something here. Life is full of Color follow the Rainbow . Clothes are part of people and we keep meeting people to Share, Discover Talent, Develop new Things , Move Forward and build Trust


Like the technology keeps changing , The road of learning never Ends. Learning new things and creating new future with luv & passion is our DNA.

Company At a Glance

One Person founded the company but we are not the only one here everybody else founded something here. Life is full of Color follow the Rainbow. Clothes are part of people and we keep meeting people to Share, Discover Talent, develop new Things, Move Forward and build Trust.


In 2011, we began our journey in the apparel and buying house industries. We selected the top 75 successful buying house in Bangladesh in 2018. We placed in at number 55 according to our trading report for 2020. We won multiple awards in 2022, promoting us to the top 30 buying houses in Bangladesh.
Now we transformed into a Fashion Tech company in 2023 targeting 5000 buyer and 1000 factories by next 2 years.

Strategic Sourcing Partner or Manufacturing at A Glance

All kind of manufacturing facilities within the members, specialized in all kinds of circular knits with composite facilities of knitting, dyeing, printing, washing, embroidery and garment manufacturing etc. Our sweater factory members have all Jacquard machines to cater the fine gauges for high fashion sweaters

Employee Facilities

An employee might discover many facilities and the finest prospects for professional progress in Good Garments.
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